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What we Care About

Celebrate with Liz Lane Gallery at our grand opening party in the heart of downtown Asheville! Get first access to a new collection of work from our group of talented, nationally represented artists. Enjoy live painting demonstrations from Liz Lane, Kellie Newsome, and Laurie Kwo. Meet the artists, watch them work, and above all, we hope you can immerse yourself in the modern abstract and representational expressionism. Wine and refreshments will be served. This event is free and open to the public.


Our carefully curated collection highlights the female voice of artists in the South and beyond. Our contemporary collection ranges across all painting media and each piece is an original work of art. After having our doors open for a successful four years just outside of Birmingham, Alabama we expanded our community of artists and grew into a second gallery in the thriving art community in Blue Ridge. We opened for business in downtown Asheville January of 2021 and have eagerly waited for the right time to celebrate! We hope to se you Saturday, July 17th. The party starts at 5 PM EST.


Art by artist Liz Lane in a home
Art by artist Liz Lane in a home
Art by artist Liz Lane in a home


Liz has always felt a strong internal calling to use her talents to better the world. She has built her small business around this philosophy.  Her desire to paint for the greater good was only deepened with the births of her two daughters. She wants to leave this planet a little better for the next generation. 

Liz Lane Gallery works with and donates to a handful of local environmental organizations such as the Black Warrior Riverkeeper and GASP. Our team knows there is a sense of urgency in aiding environmental groups with a mission to provide clean air and water and a livable environment to the next generation. We are in the process of offsetting our carbon footprint as a store. You may notice reused packaging on your orders, e-receipts, and when we finally can have events again, vegetarian horderves and reusable cups and plants. We would love to eventually work with larger art suppliers to reduce the plastic used in packaging art supplies in an economic and sustainable way. 

Our gallery team also believes that creating makes us human. We have been creating since people first walked the earth. Sadly, though, creativity is seen as a privilege in our culture instead of as an essential human function, such as eating and breathing. School art programs are the first to be cut when money gets tight in school budgets. Some art departments in the city of Birmingham receive around $1 per student for the entire year for art supplies. That will not even buy a pack of paper. We would love to see budgets reallocated to better serve arts education, which we believe is as necessary to a full education as reading and writing, but until then, we work with individual teachers to give money for art supplies where we can. 

On each of these missions, we are open to collaborations. Due to Covid- 19 we will not be hosting any in person events but that hasn't stopped us from donating close to eight thousand dollars to these causes in 2020. We love doing online events and would be happy to chat about ideas to make the world a better place. Get in touch and let's work together.


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