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You can find Bridgette pulling off the side of the road to photograph the view, sketch it out and paint plein air. 

From expansive skies on hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains to river reflections and tree silhouettes in Southeastern woods, Bridgette’s fully tuned into the simplicity of God’s magical creation. She keeps her camera ready and eyes open to everyday surprises, like shadows cast from clouds over a mountain vista or the sun rising through tree branches on a crisp morning walk.  She later expresses these moments as best as she knows how: with a paintbrush covered in paint.

 Her studio is located at Dilworth Artisan Station in the SouthEnd of Charlotte or pulled off the side of the road with her paints and easels capturing light she sees.  She paints wherever she can in neighborhoods, the Carolina beaches, the Blue Ridge mountains and European travels.  When she’s not adding value to this world through her art or inspiring others to do the same, Bridgette is probably gardening, exploring a new yoga pose or riding her beloved cruiser bike.

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