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About Laurie Kwo

Stepping into the studio is like arriving in a new place. I’m filled with curiosity and delight. There is never an agenda because it’s more fun to explore and figure things out as I go.
My studio is a fun and exciting place. It’s like a tea party with paint and puppies. Sometimes guest artists show up like Taylor Swift, Ashley McBride or Old Dominion. I start with bold layers of paint and then add marks using wax crayons, graphite and oil
stick. The feeling of a crayon breaking in my hand reminds me of being six, an age where I told myself it wasn’t safe to speak out. Art became an alternative way to express myself. Life has not always been easy, but I am a fighter and inside the studio, I am fearless. Circles are a sign of growth and remind me of how far I’ve come. Lines convey movement and represent travel. I’ve been to so many wonderful places yet there are
more destinations waiting to be discovered. Collage elements and patterns are a reminder of my love for fashion, interior design and book stores. My art is like an invisible friend. We’ve been through a lot together and I’m so excited to see what the future holds for us!

Laurie Kwo -Artist Portrait .png
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