This is a 6.25x22.5" paper piece painted by Liz Lane on Arches  archival hot press paper. 


This is part of my "in the kitchen" collection from my two weeks spent working from my kitchen counters while quarantining so we could safely spend time with my parents and grandparents during Thanksgiving.  My husband and I pulled our kids from preschool and worked while parenting. While I know I can't sustain doing this kind of schedule for long periods, I find the work I create during these "lockdowns" is some of my favorites. Working with more time constraints means less overthinking. It means five minutes here then fifteen minutes there and in between my life is moving at full pace. Because my art is a reflection of me, sometimes working in the middle of the chaos that surrounds motherhood is the best way to capture this moment in my life. 


Ships in 3-7 days. Please contact for framing information and allow 2-3 weeks if framed.

6.25x22.5" "The Petals Tell a Story"




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