100% of the profits from this collection go to the Black Warrior Riverkeeper. 


Growing up between the two cities of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama, the Black Warrior River was an important staple of my childhood. Not only that, but the river provides drinking water to half of Jefferson County and all of Tuscaloosa and several other cities in this area. 


Nature continues to play an ever present role in my work. The Black Warrior Riverkeeper is an organization I love to support through my art, which I wouldn't be able to create without clean water.  Without clean water, nothing else matters.


The Black Warrior River is home to 127 Freshwater fish species, 36 species of muscles, 15 species of turtles and countless other animals. Sadly the river is constantly being threatened from a barrage of issues such as coal ash and power plants.


Water gives us the gift of life. Let's join together in preservation of it. 

Cahaba Shiner Hiding