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Ceramic artists and sisters Valerie Holley and Jill Lindsey with their handbuilt pottery in Liz Lane Gallery, and art gallery located in Homewood, Alabama


JILL LINDSEY is a potter that works from a home studio in Homewood, Al.  She has been making pottery for about 10 years and loves participating in local art shows.

To achieve a unique look for every piece of pottery I use various clay colors, textures, and glazes. Pottery is made either on a wheel (wheel-thrown) or by the slab technique. All of my pottery is hand built. Starting with a slab of clay, each piece is formed and designed by hand. 

VALERIE HOLLEY's love for craft began at 6 years of age. Making fancy mud pies decorated with mimosa blooms was a childhood passion. Next came sewing, then cooking, followed by gardening. All of the craft experiences came together as I was nearing retirement from a 36 year nursing career. An opportunity to take a hand building pottery class presented itself and, boom all of the craft came together. I share my studio with my sister Jill Lindsey and together we have fun working and creating as Sister Art Pottery.

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