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Painting, Parenting, Pandemic, and Glitter Poop with Kellie

Last week we had the pleasure of checking in with one of our artists and good friend Kellie Newsome. She's an artist, but also a mother of two and representative for Atelier Artists' Acrylics, her husband Matt is a fellow creative with his own schedule.

Check out the talk here.

We're all at home a lot more these days, but being at home with kids is a a unique challenge that Kellie has worked with throughout the pandemic. Back in March, we were uncertain of what the future would be for the gallery. Kellie consistently sent us fresh work to release and keep us inspired to KEEP GOING!

Kellie told us lots of tales of life in quarantine, being a mom keeping little boys occupied for those quick work sessions, and those moments of brief contemplation during naps.

Her work focuses on the flora and fauna reminiscent of life growing up on Alabama farm land.

Go look at Kellie's latest work available in the gallery, follow her journey @kellienewsome.

Shout out to her husband Matt (@artofmattjohnson) for writing prompts and helping us work through our first IGTV live interview.

Check out the whole talk with Liz and Kellie

& look out for talks with more artists, creatives, designers, and advocates in our community @lizlaneart.

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