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Liz has had the privilege of meeting and closely working with many incredible artists. In fact, before she began professionally painting, Liz worked in many galleries, carefully curating art and acting as match maker to bring clients original work they fell absolutely in love with. 

The gallery, like any business, has had many transitions over the past decade. The gallery originally openend with a retail focus, but has since changed to reflect Liz's primary focus, her studio practice. However, she is delighted to represent a small but permanent group of amazing artists whom she has worked with for years. These artists are as much friends as colleagues, confidants as mentors. While a much larger collection is available in gallery by appointment, it is Liz's privilege to share a small but wonderful sample of available pieces below.  If you would like to make an in-person appointment, please call or text 205.903.0585 or e-mail If you live out of town and are searching for the perfect piece, please reach out and Liz will help you find just the right painting for your home.    

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