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Jennifer Chaney grew up exploring the sensuous marshes and islands on the Mississippi coast, an environment that would become the basis of her visual language. A 2003 graduate of University of Montevallo, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Art, Chaney’s most recent work is born in dreams — painted after her two young children had fallen asleep. Like so many artists who are also mothers, Chaney’s work is inspired by her children’s delight in discovering both the world and their inner freedom, rekindling her own deep connection to landscapes.

“These paintings are impressions of memories captured with pigments and minerals coaxed through water on paper and canvas with brush work, surface tension, and gravity,” says Chaney. “The push and pull between controlling the paint while relinquishing control to evaporation and movement, echos the idea that we can embrace a lack of control.”

About Jennifer Chaney
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